Encouraging the Recovery of Authentic Catholic Educational Philosophy

A couple years ago I began blogging about Catholic education, but my effort did not last long.  With renewed energy and desire I have decided to begin again.  There is, I believe, a real need for Catholic schools to connect with their past and yet strive toward to future.  There is a need to recover an authentically Catholic educational philosophy which is faithful to Catholic teaching and tradition and which makes fruitful use of the Church’s understanding of man: his human and spiritual development, the cause of his joy, the way in which learning and growth in virtue take place, his ultimate end.  There is also a need to listen to the Spirit of the New Evangelization and find ways to express these truths in policy and in action, in curriculum and in pedagogy, in our Catholic schools.  Here are links to my foundational posts which set the theme for the blog.


Toward an Authentically Catholic Educational Philosophy

4 Books Every Catholic Educator Should Read

I hope you enjoy future posts!

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